Tuesday, August 7, 2012

POST 1000!

What a ride!

When I first started my blog (First official post (2/24/08)), I really wasn't 100% certain what this whole blogger.com was all about;  it was simply a website shared by a coworker.  Having been our school's webmaster, I figured I needed to try to 'keep up with the times' and finally jump on the band-wagon with all the blogging world.   

I had just found Bonnie K. Hunter (Quiltville.com) in late 2007 while searching around for some quilting websites;  I had just started getting into quilting as an obsessive hobby, so my first quilty post (4/11/08) included an overview/update of my quilting projects going on at the time (the whole TWO of them- LOL!) - Orange Crush and Carolina Crossroads.  Two Bonnie projects!  And then, a few days later (4/13/08), I updated my weekend accomplishments, which showed a new start (Oklahoma Crossroads), and my life of Startitis and UFOs was begun. :D  Yup, I knew I had Bonnie to blame!

My first comment (Saturday, 4/12/08) was courtesy of AMANDA!!!!, who is still with me as a dedicated(?) blog reader today.  :0)  Right, Amanda?  And then on Wednesday (4/15/08 - OC Update), Kathy (Kathy's Quilts), Linda (Living4Quilting), and Angela (soscrappy) joined my blogging world.

From then, SO MANY of you have commented with great advice, great support, and LOTS of humor! My blog reader has grown and is STILL growing, finding great blogs every week of amazing individuals out in the world.  What an amazing time we live in when we can talk with anyone in the WORLD who has access to technology!

And of course, WHAT is a 1000 post without some form of giveaway?

While thinking about what I wanted to offer, I was reminded of my 2009 Pay it Forward year.  Carol (Cornfield Quilter) paid me forward by offering to quilt my Perkiomen Daydreams quilt.  This was before I had my own quilting frame set up, and her offer was GINORMOUSLY appreciated!  Therefore, I'd like to offer this out to someone too!  
So, my giveaway out to you is to offer my pantograph quilting services for any quilt (100"x100" limit).  You supply the top and backing, and I'll supply the rest.

But then.....I had to included EVERYONE, and since some of my regular blog readers have their own quilting setup, I thought further.....
Who doesn't like fabric, right?????
"Prayer Flag" - by Moda

Therefore, the winner of this giveaway has A CHOICE!!!!  
a)  free pantograph quilting (100" x 100" limit) (USA residents only)
you supply the top and backing, I'll supply the rest. This option will open to you for a calendar year, so if you don't have the perfect quilt top finished yet, don't fret!. 
b)  Prayer Flag - Moda jelly roll (open to internationals)

The "rules" are very simple;  just leave me a comment with your preference of options.  Plus, I would LOVE to hear from you about your blogging world;  what post # are you on?  Beginner or veteran?  I PROMISE I will visit your part of the blogging world;  it's still summer vacation for me, so I have some time!!! :D

Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK!  
Winner will be chosen at the close of the Olympics, Sunday evening

ANN-MARIE #3 was randomly chosen as the winner!!!  :0)


Nancy said...

OOOOOO I'm thinking the quilting here.. I cannot believe you've made 1000 posts!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on so many posts! I really enjoy reading your blog! I am on my 133rd post. I think I have been posting for about a year now. I have been quilting seriously for about 4 years now. I have also been hit with the Bonnie Bug and have made at least 4 of her quilts (Charlottes Baskets, Strip Twist, Pineapple Blossom, and am now working on Orca Bay).

Count me in for the quilting prize! Thank you!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Congrats on 1000 posts, it doesn't take long does it? Oh I have a lap quilt that needs a Panto design, and I don't have any pantos. :D I deleted a lot of earlier posts that didn't have to do with quilting, or my quilts. Simply because one day I will get my blog printed to book form, and it will make it easier to get rid of all the nonsense now. I started my blog to document all that I was doing, and since you are a loyal follower of my blog, you know I always have A LOT going on. My UFO, WIP, PhD list is very long, and I am addicted to QAL and yes I too found Bonnie K Hunter in the beginning of my blogging journey. In fact RRCB was my first QAL Mystery I ever did. That would have scarred off most normal folks, but not me. It fed my addiction of puzzles and mysteries. So hear I am getting close to my 2 year of blogging mark with my blog having been viewed over 20,000 times......that just blows my mind! Here is to all of joyful bloggers.......may we finish more projects than we start!!! ( at least for the rest of this year)

Me and My Stitches said...

Now that's a lotta' posts! I read about all your adventures - can't believe how much you get done. And, your DH reminds me of mine - let's plant a bajillion plants of everything! But, you do a much better job of keeping up with it all than I do. You would laugh if you could see how many (or how few!) beans I picked yesterday...enough for lunch and supper! I love your idea of offering your quilting talent as a giveaway, and I want to win!

Andra Gayle said...

Wow! As always, you are way ahead of me! I am on post number 363. You have given me amazing inspiration! Your's is a blog I always read and I consider you a friend for sure! I, too, blame Bonnie...
Would love to have the jelly roll but mostly just want you to know I love seeing your quilts and all the rest that you do!

Jane said...

We must have started blogging around the same time, although when I started, I had no idea I'd be quilting! NOt sure how I found you, but it was when you were starting your QAL. It's been fun reading about your family over the years, and look forward to the next 1,000 posts

Amanda said...

Well done you, what a wonderful achievement. I hadn't realised I was your first commenter, and I'm still here, helping you out with English translations! I started my blog not long after you but you've managed about twice the numbe of posts, I'd love to win the jelly roll it looks such a pretty pattern.

Leah said...

Hurray for 1000!!!! That's exciting! I would be all about the quilting as I still use my basic sewing machine and sometimes it gets a bit tough with what I'd like to do :) I am on post # 1155 or there abouts and started about the same time you did when we found out I was pregnant with our fist daughter. I would consider myself a veteran blogger but definitely a novice to intermediate quilter. Love your posts and they are always the first thing I read in my reader :)

Andee said...

While I love fabric I can always use a quilt quilted so I opt for that! I really enjoyed going back and reading your first posts--great idea for your 1000 blog post! Time to punch in and work all day for me, hope you are sewing!

Linda said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post! That is quite an achievement! I have only posted 63 times on my blog. I only post when I am working on a particularly interesting project or when I finish a major project, so I only average 1post per month. I should try to increase that. I have followed your blog for several years and love your summertime postings which not only show your wonderful quilts but also your huge garden. As a retired teacher and runner, I enjoy hearing about your school activities and training regimen, too.
I hope I win your drawing, because I would love to have you quilt my Carolina Crossroads quilt that has been a completed flimsy for a couple of years.
Linda in Southern Illinois

Janet said...

Tons of posts! I am into my third year of blogging but I'm sporadic. Sometimes I post two or three days in a row and then the world might not hear from me for a couple of weeks. And I find amazingly little time to actually quilt, so I post about a lot of other things as well. I also read tons of blogs, including yours. Love to hear about your girls, your garden and your water adventures, as well as your quilting. I would love to win the jelly roll.

Linda said...

Wow, 1000 posts! Congratulations. Did you ever think you would have that much to say? LOL... I'm glad you are still blogging. I enjoy reading you and seeing what all is going on in your world.

If I win, I'll take the Jelly Roll although, a quilt quilted by sweet Amy is tempting too.

Jen said...

Congratulations on completing 1000 posts. Keep up the interesting posts because I really enjoy reading your blog each day. If I were to by some crazy chance win your prize I would chose the fabric as I already have my own quilt machine.

Kathy said...

Congratulations on 1000 posts! I'm only in the 40s on number of posts. I wish I posted more often, but there just aren't enough hours in the day for everything.

If I win your giveaway, I'd love to have you quilt one of my QOV quilts. I have two pieced, but I don't have a longarm machine, so my quilts sit for awhile before they get done. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a generous giveaway.
The quilting service would be wonderful. I am a newer quilter. I am about to finish my 2nd queen sized quilt top. Actually flying to Kansas City, Missouri tomorrow to spend a week with my sister. My supplies to finish my last border-piano border are already packed! We are both new quilt lovers. We plan on making a trip to Missouri Star Quilting where I hope to get a picture with Jenny! We are also going to do our own quilt shop mini hop on the way there.
Congrats on your 1000 posts!
I am new to the blogging world as well and have loved finding new ones to read. I am now addicted to fabric as I am sure all quilters are. Looking forward to buying a lot of civil war reproductions on my trip!

Take care,

Dee said...

Congratulations on 1000 posts! I'm only at about half that right now. I've really fallen off this year on blogging (and quilting too). I love when you're on summer vacation and are able to post much more frequently. You really remind me of the energizer bunny during these months!

That's an extremely generous giveaway your offering and I'd love to have you quilt a quilt for me if I were fortunate enough to win. By the way, when does school start back again in your neck of the woods?

Linda Lee said...

Congratulations Amy! Thank you for introducing me to the awesome world of quilting. After your class I was totally hooked. I have met many quilting friends through your blogs. I would be thrilled to have you quilt one of my quilts....it may give me the incentive needed to finish my queen size quilt!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Amy - Congratulations on 1000! I've only been around for the last few months - I'm also a Bonnie fan and I found you during Orca Bay, I think. It's fun reading about your daily life - we have many parallels but are years apart in age! Thanks for the chance to win - I 'd like the fabric (never have enough!). ~Jeanne

Calidore said...

1000 posts!!! What a wonderful milestone. I do love reading your blog. Your quilts, your family,your garden are all inspiring. Keep up the wonderful blogging.

Lori L said...

Wow 1000 posts. "You've come a long way baby." I enjoy reading your blog because I too live in Wisconin (north central) and love to compare our gardens. I also love watching the girls grow up, as well as your quilting ideas. I'd love to win the free quilting of a top. Keep up the great blogging.

Bjwalsh101 said...

Congrats on the big 1,000.
I enjoy reading your blog. So hard to decide which prize I would enjoy the most, but I am going with the quilting because I can always buy more fabric but I am terrible at quilting on my little sewing machine!

Regina said...

Congratulation on 1,000 posts!!!! I have been reading your blog for a few years now, so you have a fan in S.E. Wisconsin - YAY Wisconsin!

I think it is GINORMOUS that you would offer your quilting services, so that I the option I would pick. I am sure any of the filmys on my pile would love to be pantographed by you :)

Shepherdess55 said...

Congratulations! I enjoy all that you write about - your family, quilting, gardening, food preservation, your animals. If I am the lucky winner I'd like the fabric.

Quilting_Chris said...

Hi Amy and Congratulations on your milestone. Thanks for your help with the mystery question and I am in awe of all that you get done, between the kids/family, gardening, running, working, quilting it goes on and on. You are one energizer bunny and keep going and going. Love reading your blog and would choose the jelly roll. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


Anonymous said...

1,000 posts! Quite the milestone! Congratulations!

I'm a relatively new reader to your blog. I jump between obsessions with quilting, knitting & spinning (as well as my animals). I blog at http://fiberarts.typepad.com, and I am currently on post #451 there. That wasn't my first blog, though. My first blog was at http://morseworld.blogspot.com, and I've been blogging since - oh, my goodness, August of 2002. I also had a podcast at one point.

I'd love to be entered into your giveaway!

ThreadCatcher said...

Congrats on your 1,000 post; what a milestone! I am more a lurker than anything; always impressed with all you manage to juggle and accomplish. If I am the lucky winner I would choose fabric as I won't have a finish anytime soon. Thanks for the chance.

Lady of the Cloth said...

I would love to have quilting done. I am making a quilt of valor and due to back problems I am unable to do it on my little bernina like I used to. Congratulations on your 1000th

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Congrats on 1000!!! I'm almost to 1700 and just had my 5 year blog-iversary at the end of July that I still haven't mentioned on my blog. lol

And that fabric sure is purty!

Quilter Kathy said...

That post made me get all weepy! We have been together on this cyber world quilting adventure for 1,000 posts now! How wonderful, eh?!?
What a great giveaway! I would love to have one of my projects quilted by you...I would be beside myself! But I live in Canada...hey I could drive over and pick it up...how far could it be? Oh, it's 10 hours and involves a long swim! Never mind! LOL
I love reading your blog and hope you have thousands more blog posts for me to read!

Candace said...

I've been with you almost from the beginning and have enjoyed the experience. Your blog has inspired me, exhausted me (your energy level is much better than mine), made me happy and many other emotions as I followed along the things that you've shared. I'd be honored if I am lucky enough to have a quilt quilted by you. It would be a gorgeous change from my 'mediocre meandering', lol.

Maya said...

Congratulations at reaching 1000 posts!
I've been reading your blog for a while now. I am not as prolific a blogger as you are - I am only up to 231 posts though I've been blogging since 2004! I read w-a-y more posts in a day than I post in a year! That would make me a reading veteran but a posting beginner - if there is such a thing! :)
I don't use blogger although I use my google account to post comments. I've linked my website below.
Thanks for the giveaway. I'd love the jelly roll - one can't have enough pretty fabric.
Maya @ http://hobby.pavanashree.org

Pokey said...

How amazing to have reached 1000 posts! I looked, and mine is at 201, which is a surprise to me. I do enjoy the blogging community and the quilty, craftsy projects that are shared, and inspired here. I'm glad to have you there, not only as a quilter, but as a fellow school teacher. Thank you for your giveaway, I'm in for the jelly roll ~

Gill said...

Congratulations!!1000 sounds an incredible number of posts!
I'm in the UK so I'm entering for the fabric please!

Edith said...

I'm impressed - 1000 posts - WOW! I just checked and I have 59 posts, so as you see I'm a newbie. My pick would be the Moda Jelly Roll (as I'm a longarm quilting and live in Canada).

Karen said...

What a generous offer to quilt one of our quilts. That would be so special. Count me in.

Congrats on your 1000th post. And by the time I got to read it, you were well on your way to 2000. :)

I just love this quilting shared community of bloggers. I don't get to post often enough but I definitely take time to read all the blogs I follow. And, I love following the activities in your quilting room, garden and kitchen.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Quilting with Jannette said...

Congratulations on post #1000! I have a long way to go - I only posted #108 earlier today - and my posts are a mix of quilting and card-making.
I'd love to have you "do" a quilt for me; unfortunately, I live in Canada, so the jelly roll is my only option - it's a good thing that I love the Prayer Flag fabric!
I really enjoy your blog - and your enthusiasm! I'm picking up all kinds of gardening ideas too - and I hope to still be reading your posts when you hit 3000? maybe 4000?