Friday, August 10, 2012

Quiltathon Friday [with updates]

With Judy's announcement that she was a new Grandmother the other day, I figured she was going to reschedule her August Quiltathon that was meant for this weekend.  Therefore, yesterday, once I hit the quilt room, I didn't check back in with her at all.

Well.....that lady!  She still has full intentions of hosting her quiltathon.    Her first post about the QAT is here, listing the fabric requirements: Judy's August Quiltathon; and her second post is here, listing the unit sizes for the blocks.   When I read about it last night, I was ALL SET to spend today quilting away with her QAT!

But first, I wanted to take a few minutes to tidy up the scrap collection pile, and cut some of these down to 2" at the same time :) {{See the copy of the directions on the left?  I'm running out of printer ink :\ }}

And, OF COURSE, as I was tidying......something ELSE jumped out at me!........
And my August 2012 QAT took a detour-----all the way back to 2009/2010!

These fabrics have been sitting since 6/28/10 with all the intensions of being made into Judy's Freeze Frame pattern that she offered out to us in 2009 as a Quilt for an Hour pattern.

 See!  6/28/10!  LOL;  All tidy together, all printed out....

SO, I was off!
Hour #1.  
I pulled the 3.5" squares from the scrap drawer.  Some of the 2.5" borders were from the 2.5" strip drawer, but four of them needed to be cut from the fabrics I set aside.

Hour #2
ALL of these 1.5" units were pulled from the 1.5" strip drawer!  No repeats in this quilt YET!  And I've barely cut into the fabrics I originally set aside for the quilt.  My goal---BRIGHT and FUN colors!

I'm using white as the light background;  and black for the dark background (different from my original plan.)  I WANTED to make a black quilt, and had full intentions of using black with Judy's August 2012 I'm sticking with the black plan :)

Stay tuned for more Hourly steps.  Lunch is over.  Cassie chose Pizza Bagels----YUM!  Great choice Cass!

Happy Friday!

{{1:00 PM update}}

Hour #3

Hour #4


Nancy said...

You go girl!! Not sure I'm going to do this one right now.... already have 5 UFOs in the works.

Quilter Kathy said...

Great choice! I loved this quilt pattern...makes me want to sew it again!

Linda said...

Ha,ha, I thought I was the only one that projects hid from! Good for you, looks like you're having fun and getting something done too! I love the colors. I won't be doing her QAT this time. I'm working on getting a space cleared for my new toy. My frame is in at the store but the machine isn't. It should be in today or Monday...Have fun with the QAT!