Friday, August 10, 2012

QAT: Hours 5, 6, 7, 8

Hour #5: center unit with 1st border

Hour #6:  Yeah, yeah, I know!  It doesn't look like much, BUT we ALL know how long borders can take (regardless of their sizes!)  (Although, this clue didn't quite take me a whole hour) :)

Moving into Hour #7, blocks for the outside, I started cutting up some of the fabric I had set aside.  ...
HMPF!  I don't like signs!!!!! and I REFUSE to take this as a sign!

HOW MANY BLOCKS do we need for that outside anyway?!?!?!  34!  That's how many!  Was Judy distracted by Vince when she wrote this clue? 8-)  There is NO WAY to make 34 blocks (WITH CUTTING) in one hour!  

I have been cutting for WELL over an hour; close to 3(?) (with a few interruptions). Therefore....I went back to read Hour #7...
HA!  Only 10 required for this hour. LOL.  That makes more sense :)
So, Hours #7 (10 blocks) and #8 (12 blocks) have been cutting, cutting, cutting for me with no sewing of the 34 blocks.  By the end of her Hour #9 step, all 34 blocks are to be completed.  I'll be there soon :0)

Paul just left (4:00PM) for another side-job, taking Cassie with him, so I should have a couple more hours for my sewing.  Candace and Caitlyn have finished their chores, so they are relaxing with a movie.

Happy Friday.
Stay tuned!

Oh, have you checked out my 1000th Post?  I'm sure you won't regret it if you do :D

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Pokey said...

I'm with you, no signs on the fabric...I'm back in the room next week, but I won't get kiddos until the traditional time (here) of September. California is changing, though, most of the schools will begin in August....